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Discovery Call

Discover how our initial call leads us to a successful collaboration!

I am delighted to welcome you to my virtual assistant services universe! To ensure a successful and personalized collaboration, I place great importance on our discovery call. This initial call is much more than a mere formality; it is the starting point to better understand your needs and specific expectations. In this article, I will guide you through the process of our discovery call and explain why it is essential for a harmonious collaboration.

Understanding Your Goals and Expectations

During our discovery call, I focus entirely on you and your business. I genuinely want to understand your goals and expectations. You are invited to share your aspirations, current challenges, and the outcomes you wish to achieve with my support. This step allows me to grasp your overall vision and customize my services to meet your specific needs.

Identifying Your Unique Requirements

Chaque client est unique pour moi, et c’est pourquoi je prends le temps d’explorer vos processus actuels, votre secteur d’activité et vos préférences de travail. Je veux connaître les tâches sur lesquelles je peux intervenir pour vous apporter une réelle valeur ajoutée. Grâce à cette compréhension approfondie, je peux vous fournir des solutions sur mesure qui correspondent parfaitement à vos besoins spécifiques.


Transparency on Rates and Terms

I understand the importance of transparency in our professional relationship. During the discovery call, we will discuss the rates of my services based on the tasks you wish to delegate. I will also address the payment terms that suit you best. My goal is to provide you with a clear and transparent proposal so that you have a precise idea of the costs and benefits of our collaboration.

Ensuring Suitable Availability

Availability is a crucial aspect of a harmonious collaboration. I listen carefully to understand your expectations regarding response time and assistance. 

Follow-Up and Collaboration Preparation

Après notre appel découverte, je vous envoie un courriel de suivi pour vous remercier de votre temps et de votre confiance. Je prépare  ensuite une offre de service personnalisée, incluant un guide de bienvenue détaillé, qui vous expliquera en détail les étapes suivantes de notre collaboration. Vous saurez exactement à quoi vous attendre et comment nous travaillerons ensemble pour atteindre vos objectifs.


The discovery call is a crucial moment for establishing a successful and personalized collaboration. By understanding your goals, identifying your unique needs, and clarifying rates and availability, I ensure that I provide tailored services that align perfectly with your expectations. I am committed to building a strong professional relationship with you, based on trust and transparency.

I am looking forward to scheduling a discovery call with you and embarking on this exciting professional journey together!

Lyne Paquette, Virtual Assistant 

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