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Administrative services for daycare centers, preschools and business owners

Administrative Services

Administrative services for daycare centers, preschools and business owners.

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Admin Tasks

Are you overwhelmed by administrative tasks? Here is an overview of my services: document creation, templates, email management, data entry, page layout, and creation of a professional signature.


Invoicing: creating and sending invoices to your clients and suppliers, payments, data entry, follow-ups and reminders. Please note that I do not offer a full accounting service.

Visual Creation

Whether it's for your brochures or presentations, I can help you harmonize your brand image across all your communications. Also create professional designs for your social media platforms.


You have a website or blog, but you don't have time to add new content? I can help by managing your WordPress site and adding content and images. WordPress creation & Design: I use the Elementor builder to create my websites.

Human Resources

I offer hiring support, job posting on various platforms, reference checking, scheduling and confirming appointments, and data entry for HR files.


Are you overwhelmed by the administrative tasks of your Daycare? I can provide support with billing for childcare services, accounts payable, parent/children files, attendance repots, and more. I work with ACCEO Solutions Daycare software.


To provide our clients with a professional dedicated support service and free up their valuable time so that they can increase productivity and spend more time growing their business.



Témoignages clients.
"Lyne is very professional and efficient. She understood the mandate that we entrusted to her, and she was independent in the work to be done. Communications were fluid and tasks were done well while respecting deadlines".
Director, Foundation
Remerciements clients.
"We were able to appreciate Mrs. Paquette's personal and work qualities. She has always had a discreet, efficient, pleasant attitude. Committed to her work, she was able to demonstrate her skills and sense of responsibility, largely meeting my expectations".
Témoignages clients.
"During her contract with us, Mrs. Paquette was viewed as a trusted and valued team member. She was very organised and never missed a deadline. She has shown to have all of the technical and interpersonal skills that makes a truly exceptional administrative assistant. I can highly recommend her".
Faculty of Law
Appréciation clients.
"Working with Ms. Paquette was a pleasure and very easy. The communication was good and she responded quickly to our needs and the tasks were well done and with care".
General Director, Daycare


Services tailored to your needs

We tailor our services to meet your business needs. You only pay for the hours worked.

Save Money

Hiring a virtual assistant frees up your time that you can put to more productive use. She works closely with you to provide support without having to hire an additional employee. No benefits to pay, your assistant is therefore self-employed.

Save Time

We take care of all the little day-to-day tasks that take up so much of your time, leaving you free to take care of actual business.


My services can be easily be customized for your company. You can choose a retainer package of a certain number of hours. Either for a few hours per week/month or for an urgent project.

Peace of Mind

A Virtual Assistant is a reliable resource on whom you can count on to support and assist you with your projects. We use the utmost discretion when dealing with sensitive information.


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